An Update on Our Writers Support Package

by Nadine Bachan

Published at 2011-03-24

In the spring of 2010, two authors agreed to become our inaugural writers for The Editing Company’s Writers Support Package. Ann Eyerman and Barbara Fish came on board and were just as enthusiastic to participate in the package as we were to offer it.
We all agreed on the mission: Within a time period of 18 months, Ann and Barbara were to each write a full-length manuscript. As their editors, our roles were to encourage and assist them along the way. We were delighted when Ann and Barbara both came to the meetings with excellent ideas, talent, and a commitment to write—we couldn’t have asked for a better start.
Nearly a year has passed since we first sat down with our writers and I am happy to report on their progress:
Ann has completed the first draft of her manuscript. It is an excellent first draft that will soon be shaped into a wonderful book. Beth and I have now begun the editing process and are determined to have Ann’s manuscript ready for submission to publishers by the fall.
Barbara is also well on her way. She officially signed onto the agreement in January after several productive meetings of guidance and encouragement. She is now writing and producing increasingly impressive content for her manuscript with each passing week.
Kudos to you, Ann and Barbara! It has be a pleasure working with you both. Beth and I are so proud of the remarkable strides each of you has taken since we began working together. Thank you for agreeing to be a part of the initial trial of our Writers Support Package.
As Ann and Barbara continue along their journey, we encourage other writers to contact us. If you have a great idea for a book but can’t quite get started, The Editing Company can help you. With our support, you, too, can be well on your way to turning a promising idea into a great manuscript.