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There are few things as frustrating as an index that doesn’t help you find what you’re looking for. By contrast, an effective index will prove invaluable to a reader’s experience.  

A good index is so much more than just a listing of words; it requires careful thought and meticulous work. To be its best, an index should contain a clear distillation of the book’s themes, consider the reader’s requirements, be intuitively organized, and have appropriate cross-references. 

What we do

When we index a work, we use professional indexing software to set entries alphabetically, establish subcategories, and capture page numbers and ranges. As we read through the manuscript, we build these entries and subcategories to best capture the discussion and identify key entry points (or locators) for the reader. We index tables, photos, and other elements throughout the book.

Once the index is built, we proofread it to ensure it is clean and readable. Then we send a copy to you for your review.  

Our indexers work diligently on each indexing project. We do ask for as much lead time as possible when booking an indexing project with us. This way, the indexer reserves adequate time to focus on the indexing and only on the indexing. Most publishers allow two weeks for an index, so the sooner you can book and indexer, the better.