Our Mission Statement

Our team of professional editors deliver high-quality editorial service and advice to ensure polished, presentable, and readable written materials for our non-fiction, academic and business clients.

Our History

Celebrating 10 Years: 2007-2017

Ten years ago, Beth McAuley launched The Editing Company. “It has been an amazing and rewarding 10 years,” she says, “not to mention incredibly challenging and demanding.” Over this first decade of the Company, Beth has worked with an incredible number of talented and dedicated editors to build the business into what it is today. To prepare for the next decade, Beth has launched a number of essential projects:

  • A year-long strategic planning with Your Planning Partners Ltd.
  • Building a new website with Omesa Creative Studios, shaping its content and design based on the original website built by Omesa, which has served the Company extremely well.
  • Moving the office to a larger suite.
  • Launching enhanced services to better serve TEC’s clients: Page Layout & Design, Ebook Creation, and Publishing Program Management.

“We have grown, our team has grown, our services have grown,” she says. “We look forward to moving into a larger space so we can continue to spread our wings.” Beth looks forward to the ongoing challenges of building what might be considered Phase 2 of the Company. “It will be an exciting next 10 years for all of us!”

Getting Started: 2007

When Beth McAuley decided to set her sights on realizing her editorial vision, she knew there would be challenges along the way. But she was determined to see her plans come to fruition. In less than a year she transformed her home-based venture into a small business set in a professional office space. Since 2007, The Editing Company has taken on numerous new clients, launched its website, and focused its plans for future growth. Beth and her team are ready for the challenges of moving the company forward.

"Together we are building a really dynamic editorial service company in Toronto. I knew from the start that this would be challenging, but I was confident it would work. My passion to realize my vision is what continues to drive me onward."

You may not know it, but a great deal goes into transforming a manuscript from a rough draft into a published book. With decades of collective experience in the publishing field, The Editing Company team is well aware of the trials and tribulations that come with the territory of editing and proofreading.

At the start, Beth worked from her home office.

"With a lot of projects coming in, I needed assistance, plus I wanted to expand my editing services in some way,"

she explains.

"After thinking about it for a long time, I had this idea that I could offer high-quality editing with reasonable turnaround times to businesses and individuals as well as to publishers. I wanted to find a way to create an editing service that would reach a wide mix of clients, and to build long-lasting relationships with those clients so that my editing team would be their editors of choice."

She took that first step and hired an assistant to work on permission editing projects. Soon after, she hired an academic editorial assistant. By the fall of 2008, The Editing Company set up office at Bloor and Spadina. More recently, TEC has moved to a new location steps from Yonge and College. "You know when you first walk in that the team is a hard working one. It's well located and can accommodate the four of us who work here very comfortably," explains Beth. "Plus, it's a great space to meet with authors and clients."

Beth had begun her career as an editor in the 1980s. In her twenty-five years of experience, she has worked in non-fiction and academic publishing with a range of university presses, scholarly journals, and independent publishing houses. Along the way she has developed a reputation as a highly adept editor and forward-thinking initiator. Beth's work and connections offered great opportunities to encourage and embrace other interests close to her heart. At Sumach Press, she initiated a series of books for the women's studies academic market, which grew into an exceptional list of 24 titles.

"I am very proud that I developed this list, and proud that many of the books have received awards and wide recognition. I continue to work with academic authors and publishers and continue to network in the women's studies community. As well, I'm excited about introducing my skills to and building connections with associations, organizations, and a wide range of businesses."