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8 Great Tips on Book Marketing for Introverts

Apr 16, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

f you’re an introverted author, putting yourself out there in order to market your book can be incredibly intimidating. Self-promotion might feel unco...


What Is a Trope vs. a Cliché?

Feb 06, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

You may have heard the terms “trope” and “cliché” before, but do you know what they are? Contrary to what many people think, these terms are not synon...


What’s My Genre?

Jan 16, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

If you’re a regular reader, you may already be familiar with book genres and what your favourites are. Maybe you like thrillers, or horror! Or, perhap...


6 Great Books for Kids for the Holidays

Dec 12, 2023 - Melissa MacAulay

Since having children, my beloved bookshelves have undergone some drastic changes. Plato and Nietzsche have had to make room for The Monster at the En...


6 Amazing Apps for Avid Readers

Nov 29, 2023 - Michael Bedford

No longer relegated to choosing between just a few different reading apps, avid readers now have several options on offer. And, because different peop...


NaNoWriMo: Fun, Fiction, and Finding a Writing Community

Nov 21, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

It’s November, and while for many people that might mean the lead-up to the holiday season is beginning, for thousands of people around the world, Nov...


Book Editing: How to Edit Your Nonfiction Book Like a Pro – A Review

Nov 08, 2023 - Beth McAuley

This book is for everyone—nonfiction authors and editors alike. It is clearly written and covers the essential steps of editing a manuscript in short,...


A Review of Diana Athill’s Stet: An Editor’s Life

Oct 24, 2023 - Samantha Rohrig

In a departure from the other books reviewed in this series, a wonderful collection of editorial “how-to” manuals and grammar guides, Diana Athill’s S...


A Review of Steve Dunham’s The Editor’s Companion: An Indispensable Guide to Editing Books, Magazines, Online Publications, and More

Oct 10, 2023 - Michael Bedford

I recently had the pleasure of reading Steve Dunham’s The Editor’s Companion: An Indispensable Guide to Editing Books, Magazines, Online Publications,...


Celebrating National Book Month This October!

Oct 03, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

Did you know that October is National Book Month? Each year, this event exists to honour the power that reading and writing have. It’s celebrated by b...


Digital Literacy: What It Is and Why It Matters!

Sep 20, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

You may think of literacy as solely having to do with reading and writing skills. However, there’s another type of literacy we should all be aware of:...


Celebrating International Literacy Day on Friday, September 8!

Sep 06, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

International Literacy Day is approaching, so we thought it would be a good time to delve into this important observation and how you can celebrate!  ...


What’s Going on With Literary Events in Ontario?

Aug 29, 2023 - Michael Bedford

With September closing in, the crunch of the leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice bring with them a slew of literary events for writers, editors, and...


What’s On This Summer: Live Theatre in the Golden Horseshoe

Aug 01, 2023 - Michael Bedford

The Stratford and Shaw Festivals’ 2023 seasons are both well underway and providing some excellent options for summer theatregoers. Soulpepper Theatre...


Summer Brainteasers! 6 Word Games for Writers and Editors

Jun 28, 2023 - Michael Bedford

Summer is here, and sunny days filled with poolside lounging, relaxing on the dock, or even just enjoying a nice drink on the deck, are ahead! However...


4 Ways to Become More Involved in the Writing Community

Jun 07, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

Writing can mean spending a lot of time on your own, but that doesn’t mean a writer’s life should be a solitary one! There are lots of ways you can ge...


6 Independent Bookstores to Visit on Canadian Independent Bookstore Day: This Saturday, April 29!

Apr 26, 2023 - Michael Bedford

The Canadian Independent Booksellers Association is dedicated to creating a collective voice for independent booksellers in Canada. Its vision is to h...


From Book to Screen: 4 Great Film Adaptations of 4 Great Novels

Mar 21, 2023 - Michael Bedford

With another Oscar season over, there are movie recommendations galore. Everything Everywhere All at Once claimed some significant wins at the 2023 Ac...


8 Summer Reading Picks: The Books on This TEC Editor’s TBR List

Jun 22, 2022 - Lesley-Anne Longo

In case you missed it the first time around, we think these book picks are so well-suited for lazy days reading in the sun that we wanted to re-post t...


8 Summer Reading Picks: The Books on This TEC Editor’s TBR List

May 31, 2022 - Lesley-Anne Longo

Summer is here, and that means many things: cottage weekends, camping trips, road trips, beach days, finding new outdoor reading spots around the city...


Editorial Professional Development Opportunities in 2022: Testing the Post-Lockdown Waters

May 11, 2022 - Michael Bedford

For the past two years, many writers, editors, and indexers have had to rely exclusively on attending virtual events to develop their editorial skills...


The Radical History of Book Clubs: Connecting Us through Literature

Feb 23, 2022 - Lesley-Anne Longo

In honour of Freedom to Read Week, we would like to repost this blog on the unexpectedly radical origins of book clubs. Freedom to Read Week is an ann...


The Radical History of Book Clubs: Connecting Us through Literature

Dec 08, 2021 - Lesley-Anne Longo

I must admit, before I wrote this blog, I didn’t know much about book clubs. I’ve never been part of one, or had any interest in joining (though I do ...


Avoiding the Supply Chain Naughty List: 5 Ways to Beat the Bottleneck

Nov 24, 2021 - Michael Bedford

With the global pandemic beating what we all hope is a hasty retreat from the news coverage spotlight, global supply-chain problems are now taking up ...


Take a Break, Editors!

Aug 04, 2021 - Lesley-Anne Longo

Editing is hard work, and sometimes it's nice to take a break from editing a particularly difficult piece of text and have a bit of fun. I've collecte...


Bringing Your Manuscript to the Next Level: 5 Tech Tips for Writers

May 06, 2020 - Michael Bedford

Some writers may be able to fill their manuscripts with inspired text without any outside help but, thankfully, in this age of apps and user-friendly ...


Why You Should Read Toronto Trailblazers: Women in Canadian Publishing

Mar 04, 2020 - Lesley-Anne Longo

March 8 is international Women's Day, and to mark the occasion, we'd like to bring out a blog from our archives: Lesley-Anne's review of Toronto Tra...


Why You Should Read Toronto Trailblazers: Women in Canadian Publishing

Oct 02, 2019 - Lesley-Anne Longo

Recently, Beth saw that the University of Toronto Press would be launching a very interesting book in September: Toronto Trailblazers: Women in Canadi...


Behind the Scenes at the Anansi Bookshop

Jun 06, 2019 - Jean Mathew

When I moved to Toronto three years ago to become a part of Canada’s publishing scene, I got a job working at the Anansi Bookshop, and it was surreal....


Freedom to Read Week: Fighting Censorship for 35 Years

Feb 13, 2019 - Michael Bedford

Whether the instigating factor in a book-banning campaign is religion, sexual expression, “anti-establishment attitudes,” or some other vague concern,...


Move Over TIFF! 4 September Literary Events for Booklovers in Toronto

Sep 11, 2018 - Jean Mathew

    The summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean the festivities are over! For booklovers out there, you’ll be ...


A New Holiday Tradition: Reading Great Holiday Books

Dec 20, 2017 - Lesley-Anne Longo

As the holiday season moves into full swing, you probably have holiday traditions that you enjoy with your family and friends, or even some traditions...


Free to Read? Let's Not Take it for Granted

Mar 02, 2017 - TEC Editors

  The Book and Periodical Council's Freedom to Read Week, beyond simply being an annual event that showcases and remembers banned books, is an e...


An Editor’s New Year’s Reading Resolutions

Jan 12, 2017 - Kristy Hankewitz

The new year is a time for reflection on the past year: what you did, how you grew, and what you learned. It's also a time to reflect on the coming ...


3 Book-to-Movie Oscar Nominees: To Watch or To Read?

Mar 02, 2016 - Lesley-Anne Longo

  Oscar season might be over, but the many great movies that were nominated are still just as fantastic today as they were before the Oscars hap...


Margaret Atwood: A Triptych

Jan 12, 2016 - Beth McAuley

Triptych: From the Greek adjective meaning "three-fold": tri = three, ptysso = to fold, or ptyx = fold. Usually a panel painting that is div...


A Life in Words and Books

Nov 25, 2015 - Chris Cameron

    I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ruth Hood, who looks back on a long life of editing and library science. I asked her to t...


The Most Stolen Books

Nov 10, 2015 - Melissa MacAulay

    Inside the Big Bookseller In preparation for the upcoming (and costly!) holiday season, I recently picked up a part-time gig at Indig...


Another Way to Use Your Dictionary

Nov 04, 2015 - Barbara Kamienski

        Ah, reference books! What would we do without them? Whether lined up in neat rows on library shelves or haphazar...


Ben McNally’s 45 Books in 45 Minutes

Jun 17, 2015 - Melissa MacAulay

On Wednesday, June 10, I attended the Summer Edition of "45 Books in 45 Minutes" at Ben McNally Books in Toronto. This semi-annual event is ...


WOTS the Deal with Brunch?

Sep 30, 2014 - Mary Ann Mazey

Living in downtown Toronto provides no scarcity of opportunities to both observe and participate in performances of middle-classness, or what I&rsqu...


3 Mini Book Reviews, Or What This Book Editor Did on Her Vacation

Sep 11, 2014 - Lesley-Anne Longo

Ahh, summer: a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine (even though here in Toronto, our summer has been…not as hot as we usually pref...


The Waiting Game

Mar 22, 2013 - Jessica Mifsud

I’m sure this has happened to you, too. You pick up a real page-turner from the bookstore. It’s so good that you can’t put it down...