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8 Great Tips on Book Marketing for Introverts

Apr 16, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

f you’re an introverted author, putting yourself out there in order to market your book can be incredibly intimidating. Self-promotion might feel unco...


Upgrade Your Writing Practice: Tech Tools and Apps for Writers

Apr 09, 2024 - Michael Bedford

Some writers may be able to fill their manuscripts with inspired text without any outside help but, thankfully, in this age of apps and user-friendly ...


4 Key Resources for Learning About AI: Self-Education for the Novice

Apr 02, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

In this blog, the last instalment in our blog series on artificial intelligence, we will be looking at some of the many resources available out there ...


Editing in the Age of AI: 5 Applications Worth the Download (Plus an Honourable Mention)

Mar 27, 2024 - Michael Bedford

Recently, artificial intelligence and its arguably endless applications have seemed to dominate the conversations in several aspects of our lives. Man...


How Is AI Affecting Our Editing Practice?

Mar 20, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

This week, in our series on artificial intelligence, I’m looking at AI tools and how these might be affecting our editing practice. While these new to...


What Is AI, Anyway?

Mar 13, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

There’s no doubt that we’ve all heard of “AI,” or artificial intelligence—it’s been all over the news channels for a while now. But what is it exactly...


Malaphors: Mixed-up Cousins of Mixed Metaphors

Mar 05, 2024 - Michael Bedford

After writing about mixed metaphors last month, it was brought to my attention that I had peppered that post with malaphors. And, although malaphors a...


Years of Confusion: On the Peculiar Origins of Leap Years

Feb 27, 2024 - Michael Bedford

We originally posted this in 2020, and now four years have gone by — quite quickly! And just like that, another leap year is upon us. Read on to find ...


Ask a Business Editor: What Is Inclusive Language?

Feb 21, 2024 - Benedetta Lamanna

This week, we're revisiting a blog from our archives, asking an important questions for editors everywhere, but especially business editors in particu...


What Is the Active Voice and Why Is It Important?

Feb 13, 2024 - Glen Hoffmann

You’ve likely heard it’s best to write in the active voice whenever possible. This is good advice. In this week’s blog, I’ll explain why by answering ...


What Is a Trope vs. a Cliché?

Feb 06, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

You may have heard the terms “trope” and “cliché” before, but do you know what they are? Contrary to what many people think, these terms are not synon...


On Mixed Metaphors: Putting a Fine-Toothed Comb to the Grindstone

Jan 31, 2024 - Michael Bedford

I’ve always been a fan of finding examples of humorous misapplications of grammar or usage guidelines in writing. One source of such grammatical humou...


What Is Syntax? And Why Is It Important?

Grammar  /  Usage  /  Writing  /  Usage
Jan 24, 2024 - Melissa MacAulay

We’ve all heard it before: “Words are the building blocks of language.” Writers understand this better than anyone, as they are all too aware – someti...


What’s My Genre?

Jan 16, 2024 - Lesley-Anne Longo

If you’re a regular reader, you may already be familiar with book genres and what your favourites are. Maybe you like thrillers, or horror! Or, perhap...


Kickstarting Your Creative Engine: Tips to Get Your Writing Started

Jan 09, 2024 - Ronnie Morris

Writing of any sort—whether it’s fiction or non-fiction—can be tough.  Self-doubt can make an already difficult task even harder, and it’s easy to put...


3 Great Tips on Setting Up Your Writing Environment to Help Get Your Project Started

Jan 04, 2024 - Michael Bedford

There are no secret tips that make writing easy but there are things one can do to get things off to a good start. So, here are a few pointers on sett...


TEC Treats & Sweets! Our Editors’ Most-Loved Holiday Recipes

Dec 18, 2023 - TEC Editors

The holidays are here again and, of course, with this special time of year comes memories of holidays past, spent with friends and family. I’m willing...


6 Great Books for Kids for the Holidays

Dec 12, 2023 - Melissa MacAulay

Since having children, my beloved bookshelves have undergone some drastic changes. Plato and Nietzsche have had to make room for The Monster at the En...


8 Tips to Help You Stay Focused during the Festive Season

Dec 05, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

The run-up to the holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year—you've got gifts to buy, parties to attend, loved ones to visit, decorating and...


6 Amazing Apps for Avid Readers

Nov 29, 2023 - Michael Bedford

No longer relegated to choosing between just a few different reading apps, avid readers now have several options on offer. And, because different peop...


NaNoWriMo: Fun, Fiction, and Finding a Writing Community

Nov 21, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

It’s November, and while for many people that might mean the lead-up to the holiday season is beginning, for thousands of people around the world, Nov...


Book Editing: How to Edit Your Nonfiction Book Like a Pro – A Review

Nov 08, 2023 - Beth McAuley

This book is for everyone—nonfiction authors and editors alike. It is clearly written and covers the essential steps of editing a manuscript in short,...


A Review of Diana Athill’s Stet: An Editor’s Life

Oct 24, 2023 - Samantha Rohrig

In a departure from the other books reviewed in this series, a wonderful collection of editorial “how-to” manuals and grammar guides, Diana Athill’s S...


Fall Fun! Autumn Fairs and Festivals in the GTA

Oct 17, 2023 - Lesley-Anne Longo

We recently featured a few fall fairs and festivals in our September/October newsletter and wanted to share the fall fun with our blog readers! Some o...