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Who We Help


As academic authors, journal and book publishers, you want your final manuscript to be as close to perfection as possible. You want an editor who can competently handle your subject matter, who has an eye for detail and accuracy, and who is an expert at editing references and citations. We are editors you can trust with your work.

Non-Fiction Authors

Whether you are writing a business publication, a non-fiction manuscript, an information resource, a museum catalogue, or a memoir, TEC is committed to bringing out the best in your work. Vibrant, groundbreaking, distinguished, award-winning writing: this is what it takes to make your title stand out, and it is the collaborative effort between author and editor that make a great book.

Business & Association Professionals

In the world of businesses and associations, clients and members are your most important assets. You want to communicate your message to them as clearly as possible. When deadlines are looming, you may not have the luxury to give your writing the attention it needs.

Educational Magazines & Trade Publishers

We know that in-house editors may not have time to handle all the details of preparing book manuscripts for publication or to proofread final PDFs of a magazine. When you decide to contract out, you need to depend on editors who are experienced, accurate, budget-conscious, and meet deadlines.