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Copy Editing + Substantive Editing

There can be several different levels involved in editing a written work: copy editing, stylistic editing, and more in-depth substantive editing. Whichever level or levels is required, we guarantee we will work carefully and accurately. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. 

In all of our editing, we read for bias and inaccuracies, and we will alert you to any materials that may be libellous (offensive to an individual) or that require copyright permission to reprint (quotations, poems, song lyrics).  

Copy editing

When we copy edit your work, we correct

  •  faulty grammar

  •  incorrect punctuation

  •  misspelled words

  •  consistency in style, use of numbers 

 We also 

  •  suggest how to replace misused words and phrases
  •  check that headings/subheadings are well placed
  •  edit tables, figures, and lists
  •  edit photo captions if requested to do so
  •  edit notes, references, and bibliographies (our editors are well versed in MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles) 

In addition, we create a Style Sheet that outlines the rules of punctuation, how numbers are used, what is capitalized and what is not, and how words are spelled, depending on the choice of Canadian or American usage. We identify the specialized words you use so that they are used consistently. A Style Sheet ensures consistency throughout the document.

Copy editing can move quickly if your writing is clear and sharp. This is called a “light copy edit.” If your work requires more detailed copy editing, it would be a “heavy copy edit” and would take a bit longer.

Stylistic editing

A stylistic edit will help clarify your meaning, eliminate jargon, correct faulty syntax, and give your writing an overall polish. This is often done in tandem with copy editing.

Proofreading  Services

We proofread all materials that are ready for publication. A final read-through of a completed document is a great way to catch any left-behind errors. We can proof Word documents, Google Docs, PDFs, and hard copy materials.

What we do

When we proofread, we catch

  • typographical errors
  • spelling errors
  • misplaced punctuation
  • missing text (dropped lines)
  • consistency in style and formatting

We also

  • check heads and subheads for consistency in style
  • check table of contents and chapter openings
  • check running heads and footers
  • check pagination
  • flag faulty paragraph breaks, widows, and orphans
  • flag stacks, rivers, and knots
  • proof captions and check numbering and consistency in style

We can proofread against an already-prepared Style Sheet, or if needed, we can create one for you. A Style Sheet ensures consistency throughout the document. 

In addition, we read for bias and inaccuracies, and we will alert you to any materials that may be libellous (offensive to an individual) or that require copyright permission to reprint (quotations, poems, song lyrics). 

If you require “light copy editing” along with proofreading, we can do both as long as we know ahead of time.