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Page Layout + Design Services

Need to make sure your voice gets heard? Whether you're a company or an individual author, we can help you create the simple document designs you need to make sure your words stand out. We will work with you to ensure the layout and design of your text fits your needs, integrating both design and a practical, approachable feel—with an editor's eye.

TEC’s PL&D Process

As editors and designers, we see how the text looks on the page and how it reads in print. We look at how the language and the graphic elements function together. This is our unique approach. We increase the power of your text by ensuring it reads as great as it looks.

If you have a journal, a resource guide, a catalogue, an article, an annual report, or a series of promotional materials that you want to stand out from the crowd, we can help. We take great pride in the execution of any project, paying attention to every design detail and every editing detail, whether it's a clean and simple form, a thoughtful layout for an article, or a functional design for a resource guide.

Getting Started

We would love to hear from you about your project. Just let us know the following details:

  • The page count of your document (double-spaced)
  • The number of images
  • The end-use of the document
  • Any other details you feel are important

Once we have the details and the Word document, we flow the text into InDesign and create a mock-up for you to view. You can provide us with feedback on the design, and we will incorporate your changes. You will receive a final version for your review, and if there are no other changes to be made, your document is done. We will work closely with you through each stage of production to ensure you are happy with the finished product—a practical and functionally designed document that allows your text to shine.

Page Layout + Design Services