Ending 2018 with a Bang!

by Lesley-Anne Longo

Published at 2018-12-03

It has been quite the whirlwind of a year at TEC! We’ve had a lot of changes throughout 2018, many of which have culminated just within the last few months. At times it seemed overwhelming, but now that the dust is settling, we’re back in the game and eager to get back to helping all our clients, and clients yet to come.


A New Office

 Perhaps the biggest change this year was our recent move from our cozy office at 27 Carlton to a much bigger and brighter space at 439 University! I wasn’t present for the move (I was away on my honeymoon), but from all accounts it went smoothly with the help of a great moving team from AMJ Campbell and our tech team from Call4PCHelp — with their help we were settled in and back to work within days. We’re excited to have extra room to spread out; we even have a separate meeting area. While it took some getting used to, we’re very happy in our new space. Feel free to drop by and visit us at 439 University Avenue, suite 849, in Toronto!


Two New Services

 Earlier this year we also launched two new services:


We were very excited to branch out into Page Layout and Design — as editors and designers, we see how the text looks on the page and how it reads in print. We look at how the language and the graphic elements function together. Whether you're a company or an individual author, we can help you create the simple document designs you need to make sure your words stand out, working with you to ensure the layout and design of your text fits your needs.


Our Publishing Management services are tailored for small businesses and associations whose communication teams are planning on publishing printed materials, on a one-time basis or as a regular part of their communication materials. We help get the project started, keep things on track, and make sure the writing, editing, and production are completed on time. We also work with publishing houses to manage specific projects added to their list at the last moment.


And a New Website!

 On November 26 we launched our new website with the help of our wonderful web design team at Omesa Creative Studio! After working on this project all year, it is so rewarding to see it come to fruition. We’ve added some exciting new features — easier access to our library of how-to manuals, fuller information about some of our recent projects, and easier access to our collection of blogs.  And it is responsive, which means you can easily view it on your mobiles and tablets. Our next task is to reorganize our blog archives to make them easier to find no matter what subject you’re looking for.


Our Celebratory Giveaway

 To celebrate our new website, we’re running a raffle over on our Twitter page, @EditingCo. We’re giving away $25.00 gift cards to Chapters Indigo, plus some extra festive treats! Be sure to check it out and enter to win!


It was a busy year around the TEC office in 2018, and we’re thankful for so many great changes that have come our way. We are eagerly looking forward to 2019 and welcome all that is in store for us!


Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year from all of us at TEC!