Have Questions? Book a 15-Minute Complimentary Consult with Our Senior Editor

by Beth McAuley

Published at 2017-02-16


We at TEC welcome phone calls from our potential clients looking for guidance about the editing process and the cost of editing. When we receive calls during our business hours (10 to 6, Monday to Friday), we try to provide as much information as possible but do not always have the time for a long conversation. Unfortunately, if the office is busy, we may have to keep the call short and to the point. We know how important it is to take the time to provide as much information as possible when someone calls us, which is why we have introduced our new service that allows for a longer, more involved discussion.



TEC’s 15-Minute Complimentary Consult

TEC is pleased to introduce a complimentary 15-minute consult for our clients with me, our senior editor. If you are writing a non-fiction book, an academic manuscript or article, a business report, or a memoir and are seeking information about any aspect of the editing process, you will want to take advantage of this service.


When you set up a call with me, the time is exclusively yours and guarantees a fuller discussion about your project and your editing needs. This one-on-one call is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and take advantage of the experience and assistance I can provide. Do you need to know about budgeting? Or want to know how the editing process works? What’s the difference between editing and proofreading? Or how long it will take to edit your work? I am here to help.


Keeping a call to 15 minutes acknowledges that your time and my time are valuable while allowing for an uninterrupted and focused conversation. And the consult will take only a few minutes to set up.



Booking Your Complimentary Consult

Follow these three easy steps to book your complimentary consult.


Step 1: Go to TEC’s Homepage

At the TEC homepage, click on Complimentary Editing Consult. This will take you to a confidential questionnaire.


Step 2: Answer the Questionnaire

The questionnaire asks for your contact information and for a few details about your project. For example:


  • Is your project a book, an article, a dissertation?
  • What is your topic?
  • How long is your manuscript, article, or report?
  • Are there specific issues you would like to discuss?
  • Do you have a deadline?


The last two questions ask you to choose one of three days (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday) and to specify if you prefer mornings or afternoons for the appointment.


When completed, submit the questionnaire, which goes directly into my in-box. All information is confidential.


Step 3: Make Your Appointment

When I receive the email, I contact you and propose some possible dates and times. Confirming the phone appointment could take a few emails, but once we have the date set, it is guaranteed. On the day of our appointment, I will call you.



The Consult & Talking about Your Project

I enjoy talking with writers about their projects. During our phone call, I will ask you about your project – what it is, how’s it going – and then focus on your specific questions.


I can detail the editing process and discuss the different types of editing. I can help you estimate a budget based on the length of your work and the type of editing you need. I can help assess how long it could take to edit your manuscript, and more.



You Determine the Next Steps

You determine the next steps that work best for you. For example, if you would like a fuller estimate, we invite you to send me a sample of your work (up to 5 pages) so that we can provide a sample edit and prepare a more accurate estimate. If you would like to work with us, we can set up an editing schedule that meets your deadlines.



Nothing to Lose

There is nothing to lose in this process and a lot to gain. I can help you answer some key questions about the editing process, help you start thinking about the cost involved, and get you one stop closer to your finish line.


We want you to take advantage of this free 15-minute consult and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Other TEC Resources to Help You

Don’t hesitate to browse our resource library where you can find information related to preparing your manuscript for publication, using track changes, tips on grammar, archiving your resources, and budgeting. Clicking on the resource will take you through the steps needed to download the document. We do request your email address as a step in the process. We will add your email to our monthly eNewsletter and send you a thank-you note for your interest in our publications.