Navigating the World of Self-Publishing: 6 Self-Publishing Services Worth Considering

by Michael Bedford

Published at 2024-05-28

The world of self-publishing has come a long way since the concept was introduced. What was once a somewhat solitary act, nowadays, self-publishing often involves a whole self-publishing team, including developmental and copy writers, proofreaders, and marketing experts.



One of the most well-known names in Canadian self-publishing is Manitoba’s FriesenPress. Part of Friesens Corporation, a Canadian printer that has been in operation since 1907, FriesenPress is 100% employee owned. So, as their website states, they’re able to focus on what authors, rather than shareholders, want from a book.

One feather in their cap, FriesenPress’s editors have all passed Editors Canada’s rigorous editorial standards exams. Or, if you’re all set on the editorial front, FriesenPress also offers book design and book marketing bundles. Specific one-off services, such as writing back cover copy and proofreading, are also available.

FriesenPress is an A+ rated company in the Better Business Bureau, and their rates are relatively competitive with the rest of the self-publishing market.

Indie Publishing Group

Owned and operated by Chrissy and Clayton Hobbs, this London-based self-proclaimed pioneer in self-publishing has been operating for over a decade. The Indie Publishing Group offers a variety of services, including packages that focus on book layout, editorial services, book formatting, ghostwriting, marketing and social media, illustrations, and book design.

Indie Publishing Group’s self-publishing plans range from around $1,000 to around $1,600, depending on whether you’re interested in the “Essentials” or the “Deluxe” plan. Based on IPG’s 5-star Google rating and their many positive testimonials, though, their clients seem to agree that they chose well.

Ardith Publishing

Also from London, Ontario, Ardith Publishing offers self-publishing packages that focus on editing, publishing, marketing, or publishing children’s books. All these packages, which focus on different aspects of successful self-publishing, come in at around $1,000 each. In addition to offering their self-publishing packages, Ardith also offers each of its services separately in case you realize your manuscript needs substantive editing, but you bought the “Marketing” package instead of the “Editing” Package. There aren’t many reviews on hand for Ardith Publishing, but the ones that come up are very positive.


Page Two Books

With forty combined years in the publishing industry, Jesse Finkelstein and Trena White launched Page Two Books in 2013. As it says on their website, by publishing a comparatively small and curated list of non-fiction books, the team at Page Two can give each manuscript the attention it deserves.

The selection process at Page Two may offer some challenges, but authors are in good company alongside international bestsellers, so if you want to join other subject matter experts and thought leaders, check out Page Two’s submissions page.


First Choice Books

Although their website may not be as flashy as some of their competition, First Choice Books has a lot to offer authors. With over 60 years in the publishing industry, First Choice Books has a great history, and offers a wide variety of services, from its free guide to self publishing to a direct route to thesis binding for the anxious PhD candidate. Rates are only available by requesting a quote, but, based on the variety of options available to authors, there’s bound to be one that suits your budget.

Tellwell Publishing

Founded by Tim Lindsay, this British Columbia based company started in Victoria in 2015, and now works with authors all over the world. Their team of experts offers authors guidance in editing, marketing, and distribution. Tellwell describes their approach as consultative, and offers publishing packages for children’s publishing, traditional publishing, and non-fiction publishing. Although the prices of Tellwell’s publishing packages run a bit higher than some of its competition, the ones they offer appear to be a bit more inclusive of services than others on the market.


Lots of Choices

These are just a few of the many self-publishing companies on the market. The important thing when choosing one to submit to is that their approach will work with you to turn the manuscript you’ve been working on into a marketable book. After all, the process of self-publishing a book can get a bit expensive, so it’s important to make your investment in your manuscript worth it.



Michael Bedford is a freelance editor, copywriter, and performer living in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He can be reached at