Social Media Marketing

by Max Baru

Published at 2012-02-15

Social Media Marketing is one of those projects for which there is no ultimate end point, no finished product. Similarly to other kinds of marketing initiatives, those of the social media variety are done best when carried on as an organic process: one that necessarily requires growth of your brand “personality” as well as your relationships with clients and community partners.

Of course, doing the legwork of giving life to our online identity can be simultaneously an ecstasy and an agony. It requires us to make the things we do reflexively in our personal lives into a conscious and thoughtful act. For example, keeping up with the lives of our peers, listening and responding, being honest, and embracing the imperfections that are inherent in having a personality.

Here at TEC we’re doing that legwork.

(And our legs are pumped!)

Leaving Our Comfort Zone
Rebecca T. Little (@rebeccatlittle) recently reminded me in a blog post that tools like Twitter allow you to connect with people who are not already in your existing circles — unlike Facebook, which is meant to keep you in touch with your existing company of friends. But as scary as that might be in person sometimes, social media is the place to leave the safety of the harbour if there ever was one.

TEC is now connecting with marketers, artists, business associations, non-profits, and unions!

Being Relevant
In answering the question of what he thinks the top priority of a social media marketing project should be, Todd Defren (@TDefren) suggested the answer that companies rarely relish hearing: creating good content, otherwise known as blogging. In his words, content “drives buzz, drives traffic, drives engagement, drives customer acquisition.”

TEC is continuing to give 100% to writing about what we know best and to arming every writer out there with what they need to know about the editing world, both practical and entertaining.

Genuine Participation
Entering the conversation can be a scary prospect. Sometimes it can look as though the conversation is happening wherever you aren’t. Luckily, we have wonderful folks like Jon Reed of Publishing Talk (@publishingtalk) refuse to leave anyone out of the loop.

Thanks to those like Jon, TEC is now armed with all the fancy and fierce hashtags twitter has to offer: #amediting #writetip #askeditor et cetera!