TEC Roundup: Our 6 Most-Visited Blogs in 2021

by Lesley-Anne Longo

Published at 2021-11-17

Well, 2021 is coming to an end (where did the year go, exactly?), and as 2022 approaches, it’s hard not to look back on the past year and think about how it went for you—the things that happened, the experiences you had, the things you learned. In that vein, we wanted to know how the content we’ve been creating helped our readers out over the past year. So, we examined the analytics and came up with this list of our top six most visited blogs of 2021!


Some of these blogs have been on our “most read” list for months and months, so it’s great to know that the content we’ve written has remained useful and relevant as time goes by. So, whether you have to make a sentence longer, submit a manuscript you finished, customize page numbers in your Word doc, or segue from one idea to the next—we hope you’ll make our blogs your first stop in seeking that information out! If you see a blog that piques your interest, just click on the title and you’ll go straight to that blog post!



How to Customize the Page Numbers of Your Word Document


Month after month, this blog tops our most visited pages list! Maybe it’s because it has simple instructions for a Word function that can become very complicated very quickly—and we all know how Word can be sometimes. Bookmark it so that the next time you need to add page numbers to your Word document, you’ll know just where to go.



Less Is Not More: How to Write Longer Sentences (If You Really Have To)


An editor’s job is usually to seek out and delete needlessly included words to make a sentence as clear and succinct as possible. But…even we know that sometimes you need to pad a word count juuust a little bit (hello undergraduate students!). So, if you find yourself just a little bit short in that paper you’re working on, former TEC Editor Barbara Kamienski has some great suggestions on how to lengthen your sentences in an elegant, unobtrusive way.



No Agent? No Problem! 10 Canadian Indie Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts


This blog’s presence on our “top blogs of 2021” list isn’t surprising! It’s no secret that getting a book published through a traditional publishing house can be difficult in this day and age. So, we opted to help all the authors out there just a little bit by creating a master list of ten Canadian independent publishers that still accept unsolicited manuscripts. As blog author Michael Bedford writes, “Emerging authors never know where they might find the right publishing fit for their literary debut, but with independent publishers from coast to coast to coast seeking submissions of all kinds, there are plenty of doors to knock on.” So, start knocking!



Segues: Another Technique for Writing Transitions


Segues—transitional phrases that move the reader from one paragraph to the next—can be tricky to work with. However, omitting them isn’t really an option, as it’s very noticeable when they either aren’t present, or aren’t used effectively. This blog breaks down the four categories of segues and lists examples and suggestions for how writers can use them to create a well-flowing nonfiction narrative.



6 Methods of Emphasizing Words and Ideas in Writing


TEC Blogger Michael Bedford masterfully illustrates how you can emphasize certain words and phrases in your writing in this practical and useful blog. He offers tips and suggestions for how you can apply different methods to add emphasis without being too obvious about it.



Possessives: Some Basic Rules on Using “s” and an Apostrophe


Honestly, we get why this blog appears on our “most visited” list—working with possessives when it comes to words ending in “s” can be tricky. Luckily, former TEC Editor Jonathan Adjemian offers some great explanations and examples in this practical blog, illustrating what the rules are, how to apply them, and what some notable exceptions are as well.



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