The Business of Editing: II

by Beth McAuley

Published at 2011-03-18

One of The Editing Company’s missions is being fulfilled: We are building relationships with new businesses and associations. 
Over the past few months, our editors have been hired to proofread and edit corporate newsletters and brochures, website copy, and professional training materials. Plus we’ve even done a bit of photo research for historic images.
Among our newest clients are Canadian First Financial Centres, the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, and The Royal Ontario Museum Press.
Business Editors Team
To help The Editing Company move forward and provide the best service possible, Beth McAuley has joined forces with a team of talented business editors who will meet the needs of our business clients. In addition to excellent project management skills, our team offers strong experience in corporate and business communications.
Kelly Lamb is a writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience in communications. Penny Tomlin brings extensive experience in a broad range of business writing and editing, acquired over her 20-year career. Dawn Grimmer is a television producer, writer, and copy editor with almost 30 years’ experience in the media industry and the corporate business sector.
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The Business Editors Team looks forward to working with a wide range of business clients. We want to bring our skills to web and print projects, B2B or B2C materials, external and internal communications, training materials and more.
Please welcome the newest members of TEC's editing team!