The Editing Company Is Launching an Innovative Support Package for Writers

by Beth McAuley

Published at 2010-05-27

The Editing Company is introducing a new support package for writers. Currently in its trial run, The Editing Company’s Writers Support Package is a comprehensive approach to the writing process, offering feedback, community discussion, and inspiration to writers at all levels of experience producing works in all genres.

TEC knows that a writer needs four key elements when she/he is working on a manuscript: structure, constructive feedback from a committed editor, dialogue with other writers, and creative inspiration.

As a writer, you can sign up for this service at any point in your creative process. If you have an idea for a manuscript, we can help you give it shape, set goals and timelines, and get you writing. If you have a manuscript underway, we can read your existing draft, give you feedback, and help you move towards a final, polished version.

The Package runs for 110 hours over an 18-month period. Here’s how it works:

The first step is a one-hour information meeting with TEC’s senior editor. She will go over the program with you and you will describe your project.

If you are serious about your writing and want to complete the project within 18 months, you will be offered a contract. The contract stipulates the timeframe, the editorial services TEC will provide for you, outlines the fee and payment plan, and describes your responsibilities.

Here’s what is included in the 110 hours:

  • Editorial feedback and one-on-one meetings as you develop and write your manuscript.
  • One-hour support meetings every two weeks with a group of other writers facilitated by a TEC editor.
  • A copy edit of your final draft.
  • A copy edit of your cover letter and submission package for publishers.

The Editing Company’s Writers Support Package is based on experience and dedication. TEC’s editors offer writers the benefit of their undivided attention, informed support, and constructive feedback in a confidential and respectful setting.

TEC’s Writers Support Package is a godsend. For one thing, it takes the isolation out of writing. For another, it gives me as a writer the structure and feedback I need when I most need it. I wish it had been around when I wrote my first book! Thank you, TEC, for coming up with this great service.

– Ann Eyerman, Participant of TEC’s Writers Support Package and author of Women in the Office: Transitions in a Global Economy (Sumach Press, 2000)

If you’re currently working on a manuscript or have an idea you want to get underway, TEC can help you take it to the next level. Give us a call today at 416-924-3856 or 1-877-924-3856.