The Hardest Thing Is Saying Goodbye

by Nadine Bachan

Published at 2012-05-31

Today is my last day at The Editing Company.

I feel sad as I write this because this marks the end of an era for me. However, I am also filled with a sense of excitement as I prepare to embark on a new journey as a master’s student and a soon-to-be resident of the West Coast. In the fall, I will begin my MFA studies in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
In this final blog, I would like share a bit of what it’s been like for me to work at The Editing Company.
Fun Projects and Fond Memories           
When I started at TEC in the fall of 2008, I was young, eager, and ready to learn. I’ve worked on many interesting projects and for several lovely clients. Over the course of three and a half years I’ve watched people come and go, and witnessed the company’s move from 360 Bloor Street West to the current office at 27 Carlton Street. From typing hand-written manuscripts to supporting manuscript development to oh-so-many permissions projects, it’s all been an amazing learning experience.
I won’t soon forget the countless lunches, meetings, and light-hearted conversations I’ve had with everyone here at TEC. Even in the midst of the busiest days, it was always nice to have a laugh and share in each other’s joys, triumphs, and even sorrow. That was the great thing about being a part of TEC — we are colleagues and we are comrades.
New Places, New Faces
As I ready myself to move to a new city, I wonder about how different life will be. It may be a few years before I can look out the window and see the familiar CN Tower again, which is a sad thought. But, beautiful new cityscapes and scenery await me, and that lovely notion keeps me inspired to jump in head-first.
To my fellow TEC people — Nina, Laura, and Max — it has been a joy working alongside each and every one of you. To Beth — thank you, thank you, thank you. You took a chance on hiring me when I was an inexperienced graduate and you mentored me with kindness and patience. I have learned so much under your guidance and the skills I have acquired here will help me when I start my studies. For that and so much more, I am eternally grateful.
My mind reels with hopes and fears and so much uncertainty. But one thing I know for certain is that the relationships I have forged and the memories I’ve made here will stay warmly in my heart.
I wish you all the very best.