What’s Up at TEC!

by Beth McAuley* (Ghost-written by Nadine Bachan)

Published at 2010-09-16

Autumn is almost upon us and, as the seasons change, it’s always nice to reflect on what we’ve done and look ahead to the future.


Camile Isaacs, our Assistant Manager and the newest member of TEC, has written two great blog entries for us – one on the art of proofreading as problem-solving, and another on the wonders of language through her experiences in raising her two-year-old son. We look forward to Camille’s next blog, which will be posted next week.


We’re very pleased to report that we recently completed editing the 769-page conference proceedings of 14th International Circumpolar Health Research Conference. The conference was held in Yellowknife last July. Beth presented a workshop there on how to write the almost-perfect journal article. TEC regularly edits the International Journal of Circumpolar Health.


TEC has adopted two authors at this year’s Word On The Street Book and Magazine Festival. It is being held in Toronto on Sunday, September 26. You might have read about us in the latest WOTS newsletter, which thanked TEC for adopting Sheila Heti and Richard B. Wright. Look for us at the Bestsellers Stage at 1:00 p.m. where we’ll be to hear Richard read from his latest book, Mr. Shakespeare’s Bastard. Then at 5:30 p.m., we’ll be at the Great Books Marquee to hear Sheila read from her most recent book, How Should A Person Be? Congratulations to both authors from all of us here at TEC!


Beth will be attending a webinar called Rethinking Contracts and Copyright, hosted by the good people at Digital Book World, on September 28. If you’d like to sign up for what should be an interesting discussion on the evolution of copyright in an increasingly digital world, you can register for the free webcast at


TEC’s Writers Support Package is going very well. Our two authors are making wonderful strides as they work independently on their manuscripts. We’re looking to start up a new group, so no matter your genre or level of experience, you are welcome to call or email us about how our package can work for you.


We are currently office-hunting for TEC’s future home, which we plan to move into by the end of October. If you have any leads or tips on a nice 400 square-foot space in the downtown Toronto area, we’d be happy to hear from you.


On a final note, the first blog of October will be our inaugural “Editor Abroad” posting. Nadine will be reporting on her literary finds and editorial musings from London, England. Bon voyage, Nadine!



* Thank you, Nadine. I’m glad a break in your busy permissions editing schedule allowed you the time to write this blog for me.