What's Up at TEC! April 2012

by Nina Hoeschele

Published at 2012-04-11

Spring is finally coming to Toronto, and budding along with the leaves are a number of exciting new projects for TEC’s editors. We might add that to welcome spring we all read Maggie Helwig’s Girls Fall Down, Toronto Library’s One Book Selection for this year’s Keep Toronto Reading Festival. (See Nadine’s review in her recent blog post.)
Aside from our in-office book club, here's a look at what we've been up to...
TEC has been contracted by one of our U.S. clients to create a back-of-the-book index for a 928-page textbook on children with disabilities – a massive undertaking! Nina is gearing up to get her head into this deeply focused work.
Academic Manuscripts
Beth, Laura, and Nina have manuscripts on the go for several of our academic presses. We’re currently working on an ethnography in children’s sports for the University of Toronto Press Higher Education division as well as a marketing book for Rotman-UTP Publishing. We’re also in the midst of author corrections for another UTP Higher Education book about feminisms, and we just wrapped up a project about science and philosophy for Oxford University Press.
Academic Articles
In addition to full-length manuscripts, Beth has been working on a number of academic articles of late. Our recent clients are scholars writing from the disciplines of social work, recreation and leisure studies, and public policy administration. Their topics focus on the issues of fatphobia, the importance of outdoor education, and the development of Canada’s food safety policies in the twentieth century.
eBook Editing
Are you planning to self-publish your own eBook? Don’t forget to hire an editor who can give it that final polish! In this spirit, Beth recently edited the second edition of Lawrence Chan’s Know Your Odds Before You Trade, an informative eBook that is soon to be launched.
Permissions Editing & Photo Research
Nadine is currently working on permissions for a nursing textbook that is close to 1600 pages! She is carefully and systematically going through the manuscript to clear its numerous photo and literary permissions (and is learning a lot about diseases in the process).
Writers Support Package
Our “Writer-in-Residence,” Christine Sutherland, continues to work on her manuscript with fantastic progress. In just two months — and with support, consultation, and tea-kettle privileges from TEC — she has written four chapters of her upcoming book (with a fifth on the way)!
And more …
While most of our projects are academic in nature, sometimes we’re treated to unexpected variety. One such surprise came when Beth was recently asked to edit a pitch for a TV series!
All in all, it’s shaping up to be a happily busy spring!