What's Up at TEC! February 2012

by Nina Hoeschele

Published at 2012-02-01


We’re already a whole month into 2012 and so far it’s shaping up to be an interesting year. January brought a wide variety of projects into the TEC office, all of which are keeping our editors busy. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to lately…  

Academic Editing
TEC’s editors have been working on a number of projects for University of Toronto Press, from copyediting to checking proofs. Most notably, Beth, Nina, and Laura worked together to copyedit a volume numbering over 900 pages—and to standardize its detailed, complex footnotes (nearly 700 of them!). We also worked through the holidays on a copyediting project for Oxford University Press.
Substantive Editing
Recently, the TEC team had a chance to put their heads together and discuss an exciting new substantive editing project from Wolsak & Wynn. Beth will be sitting down with the manuscript in the coming weeks to rework its structure and highlight its most compelling themes.
When we’re not editing on paper or in Word, we’re proofreading PDFs in Adobe. Most recently, Nina proofread an instructive book on Canadian real estate investment for John Wiley & Sons.
Permissions Editing & Photo Research
Nadine is hard at work on a number of permissions clearance projects for Pearson Canada. In addition to seeking print rights for photos and literary material, Nadine is discovering all the complexities of securing rights for publication in various electronic forms—a new and emerging challenge for permissions editors everywhere.
Copyright Permissions Review
Over the last few weeks, Beth, Nadine, and Laura collaborated to review an ebook manuscript for potential copyright violation, rephrasing some problem spots, and clearing permissions wherever necessary. As well, another author approached TEC to review a number of sources in comparison with his work to determine if there had been any unintentional plagiarism. Nina reviewed the materials and flagged the overlap while Beth hunted down the copyright holders and drew up the final report.
Writers Support Package
For the next 12 weeks, Beth and Nina will be working with a new author to help her produce the remaining chapters of her manuscript. So far, this has included meetings and check-ins with the author to discuss her vision and set up a schedule. Over the coming weeks, we will be coaching and supporting our author through the writing process as she heads towards the finish line.
Business Editing & Proofreading
In 2012, TEC will be entering its second year as editors for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada as we continue to work on editing their training materials. In December, Beth proofread a series of exams for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and a training manual for CARE: Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, Western Region. On the international front, TEC has been added to the editorial roster of a publishing company in Japan to edit their annual reports and business publications. Penny will be lending her business editing skills to this highly precise and specialized work.