What's Up at TEC! June 2012

by Nina Hoeschele

Published at 2012-06-13

Staff Changes
It’s always hard to see someone go, but it's equally exciting to welcome new faces to our team. At the end of May we bade a fond farewell to Nadine, our former Permissions Editor, who is heading west to pursue her MFA. Taking up Nadine's mantle is our new Permissions Editor, Jessica Mifsud, who also comes to us with a host of knowledge in the field of digital publishing. We’re excited to have her and know for sure that her unique and specialized knowledge will enrich TEC as we continue to grow. Welcome, Jessica!
Academic Manuscripts
In the ever-changing world of TEC projects, academic manuscripts are a constant! Currently, we're copy-editing a book about social work for University of Toronto Press, and we just finished copy-editing a book about Canadian cultural industries for Lorimer Publishing. We're also in the midst of author corrections for a manuscript about marketing for Rotman-UTP and we're waiting on second pages for numerous other projects.
Academic Articles
It always livens up our workdays when academics come up to our office to chat about their work. After a few productive meetings and phone calls, we've recently stepped in to help a number of academics who were feeling uncertain about their writing—be it through substantive editing, copy-editing, or supportive consultations at Beth’s desk. As always, the works we've seen lately have covered a wide range of topics, including humanities and culture, biology and evolution, and dental health.
TEC is gearing up to do two proofreading jobs—one for UTP Higher Education and one for Lorimer. Though the proofing varies widely in method—one project will be done on paper, the other on-screen using Adobe InCopy—they share a little common ground: both books will shed some new light on well-known figures from history. (We'll let you know more when the books go to press!)
Nina recently finished an entertaining proofreading job for John Wiley and Sons: a book of behind-the-scenes anecdotes from a well-known NHL player. Thanks to Wiley, she has now upped the number of hockey player's names she knows to about twelve.
Working closely with designer Karen Patel and The Lola Stein editorial team, Beth edited and proofread the Spring 2012 issue of think: The Lola Stein Institute Journal.
Business Editing
In the past months we've been working with several new business clients. We've edited a pitch for a TV series, an eBook of inspirational business stories based on a mountain-climbing expedition, a compilation of newsletter articles to celebrate a company's history, an eBook on trading tips and strategies, and several business proposals. In addition, we continue to work with the Purchasing Management Association of Canada in the proofreading and editing of its training modules.
Jessica has picked up where Nadine left off in clearing permissions for a 1,600-page nursing textbook for Pearson Canada. The project is well underway and Jessica is working hard to bring it to the finish line. As well, Beth is working on clearing a number of permissions for a chemical engineering textbook for a professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey (being published by Wiley New York).
Nina recently completed an index for the seventh edition of Children with Disabilities (edited by Mark Batshaw et al. and published by Brookes) for our client BLPS in Wisconsin. This was a comprehensive textbook whose index-able pages numbered nearly 800—all of which Nina managed to filter down into entries that will span about 26 pages at the back of the book. Thank goodness for Cindex!
Photo Research
Max, our social media and website coordinator, is putting his web skills to the test in a new way: photo research! In between tending to our Twitter feed and Pinterest and Facebook pages, Max is currently hunting down historical photographs depicting 200 years of Canadian labour history that will be assembled into a slideshow for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers' 2012 Conference in Toronto.
All of these projects and more have crossed our desks in the recent weeks. We're thrilled with each new challenge and hope the summer will bring us many others!