What's Up at TEC! October 2011

by Beth McAuley

Published at 2011-10-05

Here at TEC we are celebrating our 4th Anniversary. The year introduced us to many wonderful new clients and opportunities, and gave us the chance to learn new skills as we strengthened our overall editing expertise. We have completed several projects this summer and, as the fall begins, we are undertaking several new ones. We are pleased to outline some of these for you here.

Academic Editing
We are working on two book projects for the University of Toronto Press and starting on two new projects with the University of Toronto Press Higher Education. We are also working with several scholars who are writing articles and book chapters for publications in the social sciences and humanities.
Substantive Editing
Beth has completed two dissertation-to-book projects this summer and fall for Allyson Mitchell, Professor of Women’s Studies at York University and a former author with Sumach Press, and May Friedman, Professor of Social Work at Ryerson University.
Editing & Proofreading
In August and September, our team proofread 5 books in first pages for John Wiley & Sons. The topics covered pregnancy, divorce, pension planning, debt management, Canada and the Afghan war, the Mexican drug cartels, and organized crime.
Nina, our in-house indexer, prepared a back-of-the-book index for John Wiley and for the University of Toronto Press. Indexing is a new service we are offering our clients.
Permissions Editing & Photo Research
Nadine has tackled one of the largest photo research projects to date. On behalf of Pearson Canada, she cleared 150 photos for a university textbook project. She also handled several medium-sized photo research projects, and now has an amazing handle on the ins-and-outs of the photo research process. For more on her permissions work, see her September blog.
We are pleased to announce that we have a new client from Delaware, MD. She has hired our services to research photos of Egyptian symbols and artifacts for a book she is preparing for publication.
Manuscript Assessment
An author contacted TEC for an assessment of his historical fiction manuscript. He has spent several years researching the background for his novel and has finalized his first draft. Beth has prepared an assessment for him that analyzes the novel’s structure and plot, the audience and author’s voice, the setting and characters to help him with the next stage of development.
Writers Support Package
Our WSP author completed the first draft of her manuscript. Each of us here at TEC read the work and provided a final set of comments and directions. Once she has finished this round of revisions, we will copy edit the manuscript.
Business Editing & Proofreading
Our business editor Penny Tomlin completed the substantive edit of the manuscript by Heather Fraser of DesignWorks. Kelly Lamb and Beth are editing and proofreading additional training modules for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.
On the Marketing Front
TEC has hired Max Baru as a consultant to prepare a client database for a forthcoming mailing. Watch for bookmarks and flyers coming to you this fall! As well, Max will be developing our social media networks and helping us establish a more regular e-newsletter mailing to our clients.