What's Up @ TEC! February 2013 edition

by Nina Hoeschele

Published at 2013-02-13

Greetings, gentle readers, and happy belated New Year! Here at TEC, we’ve returned from a restful holiday break with enough renewed energy to dig our way out of Toronto’s “worst snowstorm in five years” and get back to work. (Hey, at least no one called in the army this time…)

Here’s a look at what’s been keeping us warm and dry in these opening months of 2013.
eBook Services
TEC’s newest service is eBook conversion, and it’s beginning to find its feet! Recently, a client came to us with a beautifully hand-illustrated children’s book and asked for assistance in making it electronic in time for an upcoming marketing event. Jessica managed to quickly convert it into an eBook that kept the charm of the original illustrations.
Have a book you want converted into digital form? Or an eBook you converted through an automatic service that didn’t turn out quite right? Check out our eBook Services page for more details.
Academic Manuscripts
As always, there are many academic manuscripts passing in and out of our office. We’ve just wrapped up a compelling manuscript for University of Toronto Press about the Chinese population in Malaysia and their treatment in the wake of the Cold War. And we’re currently helping an author sort out the many footnotes in his volume about Pope Pius XII.
We are proud to announce the publication of May Friedman’s Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood by UT Press. Beth was the substantive editor working with May as she revised her dissertation into this amazing book. At the final stages, Nina created the back-of-the-book index. May’s book launch is on March 14 at Another Story Bookshop in Toronto. 
Academic Articles
We’ve had academic articles aplenty coming to our desks over the last few weeks, usually needing a thorough copy-edit, or else needing someone to wade in and wrangle MS Word’s fussy automatic features – or both! This time, the wide spate of topics we’ve been lucky enough to read about includes: equal marriage rights; civil service reform in post-communist Russia; theories on the transition from feudalism to capitalism; public participation in government policy-making using social media; and the relationship between anger and high blood pressure.
The hunt for typos and orphans (no, not the “Oliver Twist” kind) continues unabated here at TEC. We recently finished a proofread of A History of Anthropological Theory, fourth edition, for the Higher Education division of University of Toronto Press – an exciting university throwback for Nina. And we’re about to get started on a new proofreading job for UTP Higher Ed about Canadian public policy.
Business Editing
TEC continues to work with large businesses and small businesspeople alike on polishing up their documents. Most recently, Beth has been editing a business plan for a client hoping to expand her company.
Our work also continues on the copy-editing and proofreading for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. Our editors have just completed the editing of the Training Manuals and are now tackling the Workshops and Seminars for professionals in the field.
Magazine Editing
Beth and Nina continue to work with Dolce Publishing on two of their publications: Dolce Vita Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle quarterly, and City Life Magazine, a magazine for the residents of the Vaughan region. Our work with Dolce progresses through several stages, from copy-editing articles when they first come in to proofreading the final, laid-out PDFs on the day before they go to press. We’re currently working with a few new articles a day for Dolce Vita’s Spring 2013 issue.
Writers Support Packages
TEC is currently working with a number of writers who are enrolled in a variety of our Writers Support Packages. Ann Eyerman has now finished her travel memoir, Annie’s Odyssey, after working through her manuscript with TEC from start to finish. And Linda Rosenbaum has completed the revisions to her moving and inspiring memoir about adoptive parenthood. Both authors are actively seeking publishers and submission packages will be going out in the coming weeks.
Office Happenings
In January, we were pleased to welcome Jessie Hale into our ranks. Like everyone else at TEC, Jessie brings a variety of skills to the company as our new social media & marketing coordinator as well as non-fiction editor. She’s currently hard at work with numerous projects – be it copy-editing for our Writers Support Package authors or breathing new life into our eNewsletter.
On that note, we’ve recently re-launched our eNewsletter to be more interesting and exciting than ever. Interested in subscribing? Head back to our main page, find the subscription box in the sidebar, and enter your email. We'll handle the rest.
Social Media
We’ve just purchased a new computer system for our social media desk. The older computer was so slow it drove Max to distraction. This upgrade will definitely help him and Jessie build our social media community with greater speed! Check out TEC’s Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.
Meanwhile, Beth has recently launched EditingCo Business on Twitter to follow the trends and join the conversation. Check it out @BethAMcAuley.