What's Up @ TEC! January 2014 Edition

by Beth McAuley

Published at 2014-01-20

It's January 2014! From all of us here at The Editing Company, many good wishes for a prosperous New Year.
We’ve had a busy few weeks — not to mention the ice storm that swept through the City of Toronto on December 20. Many, many of us were without power, some for as long as 10 days. Now that the holidays (and, for the moment, storms) are behind us, we are picking up momentum and tackling a number of exciting copy-editing and proofreading projects. Here is a round-up of some of our recent projects.
Cartographies of Violence: Japanese Canadian Women, Memory, and the Subjects of the Internment by Mona Oikawa (UTP, 2012). A bit late in announcing, but I just picked up a copy from the UTP offices. Our team copy edited this 430-page manuscript, working closely with the author to manage the maps, photographs, references, and bibliography.
The Hakkas of Sarawak: Sacrifical Gifts in Cold War Era Malaysia by Kee Howe Yong (UTP, 2013). We copy edited this 233 page-manuscript for UTP and were hired by the author to create the book’s index.
Hiring a Realtor: Separate the Best from the Rest Before You Hire One by Michael Shuster (Self-published, 2014). We copy edited this user-friendly book on how to choose the best realtor when you take the big step of purchasing or selling a home. The author includes 8 critical mistakes to avoid in the process. Available on Amazon by mid-February. 
*Academic Book Manuscripts
We completed copy editing The Sopranos manuscript for UTP in late December. Beth was so inspired by the author’s analysis that she rented the entire series from Queen Video, her local video store. She admits to watching the episodes with a much more intellectual eye than she had done so before (and she’s seen it a few times). We are now working on copy editing the second edition of Introducing Archaeology by Robert J. Muckle for UTP Higher Ed.
*Academic Journal Articles
Our team of editors understands the publish-or-perish requirement for academics, and we make every effort to flow the editing of articles and papers into our weekly schedule to accommodate submission deadlines. In the past few weeks, we have copy-edited articles on tax strategies and revenue estimates for professors in business and economics; a study exploring how learners categorize knowledge for organizational behaviour scholars; and a discussion of sexuality and motherhood as depicted in the pop-cult film American Pie for a professor of social work.
*Website History Project Copy Editing
We continue to edit the histories of Jewish Ukrainian communities for a website that is being created and sponsored by the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE), an organization dedicated to deepening the understanding of Jewish-Ukrainian relationships over the centuries and into the future.
*Non-Fiction Trade
We have just completed a copy edit of Well-Heeled: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting Rich by Lesley-Anne Scoogies (Dundurn Press, April 2014). As well, in December, we copy edited a fascinating study on working inside five major retail chains based on the author’s personal experience, which she is preparing to submit to publishers.
A Homeowner’s Guide to a Successful Renovation by Chris Manson is soon to be published. We copy edited the manuscript and proofread the book pages. Our ebook editor David is finalizing the eBook files in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted on its publication! 
We are proofreading the final draft of a historical fiction novel entitled The Canon Soldiers of Burma by James Myint Swe. Based on historical fact and original research, the novel traces the travels of Portuguese explorers from Goa, India, to Burma/Myanmar in the 1500s, where they eventually settled to create a Burmese Portuguese community. We have been working with our client for two years, from rough draft, through a two-stage substantive edit and a copy edit, providing this final proofread before publication, which is slated for the spring.
We continue our copy editing of a memoir for a client that details his escape to London from Germany during the Second World War where he launched a professional career that took him around the world.
In early January, we completed proofreading a financial brochure for our client Dee Cipher B2B Marketing, and copy edited and proofread a Nutritional Handbook and Recipe Handbook for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.
We are gearing up for the spring issue of think: The Journal of the Lola Stein Institute, and will be editing articles for the journal in early February. Meanwhile, this week we are proofreading Dolce City Life Magazine’s Feb/March 2014 issue, featuring an interview with Margaret Atwood.
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That’s it for this first month of 2014!