What's Up @ TEC! July 2013 Edition

by Nina Hoeschele

Published at 2013-07-18


July is officially here — as is Toronto's annual tradition of pretending to be a furnace. Our tips for handling the heat and humidity: visit a library, grab a cold coffee — or, if you're like us, turn on the desk fan and get editing! Here's a look at what we've been up to lately...





One of our Writers Support Package authors, Linda Rosenbaum, has been voted the public favourite in the running for CBC's Canada Writes Creative Nonfiction Prize. Congratulations, Linda!





Got a project for us? Mention our summer special when you send us a quote and you'll get $50 off the editing or proofreading of any full-length manuscript!





As always, TEC is flush with academic manuscripts to edit. The manuscripts we've edited lately have touched on many topics, including:


  • The truth and reconciliation commission on residential schools in Canada.
  • The diverse network of German youth involved in the underground drug trade.
  • Modern Italian poets and the translation of poetry.
  • Environmental policies and how they transcend borders across North America.


And the editing continues! Currently, Beth and Avery are hard at work on a manuscript about the Canadian West.





In addition to manuscripts, plenty of academics have been bringing us their articles for attention, which is always a great chance for us to learn something new. The topics we've seen lately include:

  • How mothers are treated in the criminal system.
  • A history of Aboriginals in Canada and their attempts to reclaim self-governance.
  • Bibliotherapy — otherwise known as the use of books to treat issues like depression.





  • OUP's Shakespeare Made in Canada series takes classic Shakespeare plays and puts them in a Canadian context. Recently, TEC helped to edit material for Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest. 

  • Another client brought us a history of heraldry in the University of Toronto — that is, the stories behind its coats of arms.
  • We are in the process of editing a memoir for a client that details his escape to London from Germany during the Second World War where he launched a professional career that took him around the world.
  • Plus, we edited a special edition of a common sense guide on building leadership into your life and career that focuses on professional farriers, or those who work with and care for horses.




We are clearing permission for a client in California to use illustrations from the graphic novel Shutter Island for a journal article he is having published. The copyright pursuit has taken us to Belgium and New York City.





Our work with Dolce Publications continues! The fall issues of Dolce Vita Magazine and City Life Magazine are currently underway. Look for them on the stands later in August.




  • Government manuals! Recently, we worked on an Ontario Ministry of Tourism manual about accommodating older adults in communities.
  • Clinical manuals! We also worked on an activities manual for social workers, therapists, and caregivers aimed at helping children manage the changes during their parents' divorce.
  • Policy manuals! Finally, we edited an HR policy manual for a women's health centre.





Interactive web courses, to be precise! Not only did we comb our UK-based client's courses for errors — and ensure that the spelling and word choices were tweaked for the North American market — but we also checked over the scripts for their virtual instructors.





While it's always hard to see someone go, it's exciting to see new faces in our office. We've had a few rotations of staff lately...


  • Back in May, TEC's first-ever intern, Mehreen, finished her internship. Though we were sad to see her go, we knew she'd go on to great things — and we're proud to say that she's now working with Iguana Books. All the best, Mehreen!
  • On a brighter note, our team has gained the expertise of David Ward, digital publishing expert and eBook editor extraordinaire. You can read more about his qualifications on our Team page. Welcome, David!
  • Nina (hey, that’s me!), TEC editor, proofreader, and indexer for more than two and a half years, is moving on to pursue her luck in the field of graphic design. Everyone at TEC is very upset to see her go because she is the best editor of all time as well as everyone's favourite person ever. (This is what happens when you let people write their own goodbyes...) Check back on the blog soon for a farewell post from me.
  • Max, our intrepid website and social media co-ordinator, is finally rejoining us after spending a few weeks at the University of Michigan’s Lingstitute. We can’t wait to hear about his linguistic adventures and everything he's learned.
  • Soon TEC will be welcoming a new editor to its ranks! Interviews are already underway and the prospects are bright indeed. (Interested in joining us? You have until Monday, July 22, to send Beth your resumé — hurry!)





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