But I Live: Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust

Client: New Jewish Press (2022)

Project: But I Live: Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust, edited by Charlotte Schallié and illustrated by Barbara Yelin, Gilad Seliktar, and Miriam Libicki

Winner - 2023 Prose Award for Biography/Autobiography
Awarded by the Association for American Publishers (AAP)

Winner - 2023 Prose Award for Nonfiction Graphic Novels
Awarded by the Association for American Publishers (AAP)

Winner - 2022 Canadian Jewish Literary Award - Biography

An intimate co-creation of three graphic novelists and four Holocaust survivors, But I Live consists of three illustrated stories based on the experiences of each survivor during and after the Holocaust.

David Schaffer and his family survived in Romania due to their refusal to obey Nazi collaborators. In the Netherlands, brothers Nico and Rolf Kamp were separated from their parents and hidden by the Dutch resistance in thirteen different places. Through the story of Emmie Arbel, a child survivor of the Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, we see the lifelong trauma inflicted by the Holocaust.

To complement these hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable visual stories, But I Live includes historical essays, an illustrated postscript from the artists, and personal words from each of the survivors.

As we urgently approach the post-witness era without living survivors of the Holocaust, these illustrated stories act as a physical embodiment of memory and help to create a new archive for future readers. By turning these testimonies into graphic novels, But I Live aims to teach new generations about racism, antisemitism, human rights, and social justice.

Service: The TEC team was asked to proofread the final pages of this beautiful and unique collection, watching for typos and faulty spacing and punctuation, checking pagination, and ensuring the complementary placement of illustrations and text.