Canadian Journal of Education

Client: Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2014 to present)

Project: Canadian Journal of Education (CJE)

Frequency: Four issues per year (online publication)

Specialty: The CJE is a national peer-reviewed journal that prioritizes research and scholarly writing that is of relevance to the Canadian education community. The Journal is read by scholars worldwide, and aims to represent the valuable contributions that Canadian scholars in education continue to make to the field. The Journal accepts and publishes both French and English articles and book reviews. We are the copy editors of the English articles, and have developed an extensive APA style sheet that ensures consistency across each Journal in usage, spelling, as well as in references and citations. Each issue publishes on average 5 English articles that range from 25 to 40 pages that we copy edit and send to each author for review; following the author’s review, we finalize all changes and corrections in preparation for production, keeping each issue on schedule to meet publication deadlines.

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