Canadian Journal of Education

Project specifications: Use an InDesign template to lay out pages of a journal, meet set deadlines, solve challenges in text (difficult tables, recreating graphics, etc.), manage flow of production

Client: Canadian Journal of Education (2014–present)

Project: Ongoing production of CJE’s quarterly online publication

Project Management: Originally began this work with the client in 2014, and we continue to work with CJE today. We were providing editing services for the articles when the client reached out to us and asked if we could also manage the production work. Production entails using a style template as a guide for creating an InDesign file for each article in every issue of the journal. Once the text is edited to conform to house style and is formatted for production, we flow the article into InDesign to begin the layout process during which we apply custom-set styles for different levels of headings and different paragraphs of text, creating and formatting tables, placing (and, if necessary, recreating) figures, and completing pagination as a whole for the entire issue. We create PDFs of each file and send them to the CJE for online publication. 

See our Editing Recent Projects Page for more about the ongoing editing services we provide to CJE.