Connected Capitalism: How Jewish Wisdom Can Transform Work

Client: New Jewish Press, Imprint of the University of Toronto Press (2021)

Project: Connected Capitalism: How Jewish Wisdom Can Transform Work by David Weitzner

Specialty: In our present state of disconnect and loss, Connected Capitalism offers us a deeper and more satisfying approach to both work and life — one that is rooted in relationships, trust, forgiveness, and empathy. What should our post-COVID work world look like? David Weitzner shows us how to draw from the classic teachings of Judaism in order to positively transform our workplaces and our working lives. Combining these concepts with the voices of today’s political strategists, business leaders, and artists, Connected Capitalism inspires us to approach our work with curiosity, engage with those who were once strangers, and tap into a hopeful and meaningful future.

TEC copy edited the manuscript for U of Toronto Press style in usage, punctuation, and spelling; corrected grammar errors; edited the notes; and finalized all changes in the manuscript in preparation for production.