Displacement City: Fighting for Health and Homes in a Pandemic

Client: University of Toronto Press (2022)

Project: Displacement City: Fighting for Health and Homes in a Pandemic by Greg Cook and Cathy Crowe

In Displacement City, outreach worker Greg Cook and street nurse Cathy Crowe present the stories of frontline workers, advocates, and people living without homes during the pandemic. The book uses prose, poetry, and photography to document lived experiences of homelessness, responses to the housing crisis, efforts to fight back for homes, and possible solutions to move Toronto forward. Contributors provide particular insight into policies affecting Indigenous peoples and how the legacy of colonialism and displacement reached a critical point during the pandemic. Offering rich stories of care, mutual aid, and solidarity, Displacement City provides a vivid account of a humanitarian disaster.

Service: TEC copy edited the manuscript for U of Toronto Press style in usage, punctuation, and spelling; corrected grammar errors; and edited the notes and photo captions. We took care to honour the distinctive voices and styles represented throughout the collection. Following the authors’ review of the edited text, we finalized all changes in the manuscript in preparation for production.