Introducing Archaeology, Third Edition

Client: University of Toronto Press (2020)

Project: Introducing Archaeology, Third Edition by Robert J. Muckle and Stacey L. Camp

Specialty: Now in its third edition, Introducing Archaeology continues to be a thoughtful and engaging textbook for introductory-level students. This edition highlights recent archaeological developments and the social and political contexts of archaeology, including the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), Camp Delta (Guantanamo Bay), and Indigenous residential schools. The authors also manage to integrate some playful topics, such as the archaeology of children’s graffiti and the domestication of dogs, while delving further into contemporary issues like climate change. The ultimate goal is to encourage students to examine the world that surrounds them with new eyes using archaeological methodologies.

This is the third edition of Introducing Archeology that UTP has sent to us for editing – at the request of Professor Muckle. It is always a pleasure to edit his work and follow his digs and discoveries, which in this volume he writes about with his colleague Stacey L. Camp. TEC’s team edited this manuscript for consistency and clarity and to apply U of Toronto Press style in usage, punctuation, and spelling; corrected grammar errors; edited notes and references. At final pages, we reviewed the final PDF galleys and checked over the index.