Northern Lights: A Canadian Jewish History (2020)

Client: The Toronto Heschel School and The Lola Stein Institute (2020)

Project: Northern Lights: A Canadian Jewish History

Specialty:  Northern Lights: A Canadian Jewish History is a collection of contemporary essays accompanied by contemporary and archival photographs that reflect Canadian history through the legacy of its Jewish citizens. Its compelling introduction and eleven chapters tell the stories of the opportunity and camaraderie that Jews have experienced in Canada, hurdles that they have faced, and the ingenuity with which they have responded. The book project was launched in 2017 as a joint endeavour with The Canadian Jewish News to celebrate the history of Jewish Canada in honour of the nation’s 150th birthday. 

The TEC editorial team assisted in managing the project's development from first chapters to the final draft; copyedited the chapters, notes, and bibliography; coordinated the design and production; proofread the final PDF, ensuring that the final files reached the printer on schedule.  

“This volume is nearly three years in the making. It came together with the tremendous support of so many. Specifically, we thank Beth McAuley and her team at The Editing Company for their editing and proofreading excellence and for keeping us on track.”

 ~ Acknowledgements, Pam Medjuck Stein, The Lola Stein Institute