ROTMAN MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE, "A Toolkit for Leaders" (2020)

Client: Rotman Management School of Business

Project: Rotman Management Magazine (Fall 2020), Editor-in-Chief, Karen Christensen

Specialty: Leaders are confronting the most challenging questions of their careers: How can we keep employees and customers safe? How is COVID-19 shifting consumer and commercial behaviour? And what will the new normal look like? In this issue of Rotman Management, we look at the mindsets, strategies, and other tools that will be particularly valuable as we adjust to the economic and societal fallout from the global pandemic.

TEC’s team proofreads each of the quarterly issues of Rotman Management Magazine. We ensure that the Rotman style is consistently applied; proof for grammar and typographical errors; ensure punctuation and use of numbers are consistently applied; fact check brand names, author names, and other details; check that heads and subheads are consistent, as well as checking running heads and footers, call outs, figure numbers and captions.