Client: Rotman Management Magazine

Project: Rotman Management Magazine (Fall 2021). Editor-in-Chief, Karen Christensen

A year-and-a-half since the global pandemic turned our lives upside down, we continue to navigate the choppy waters that it has wrought. Some have observed that COVID-19 has been a great equalizer, affecting us across the board whether we work in the C-suite or on the frontline. But at the same time, it has put the spotlight on widespread inequality and power imbalances in our society that demand our collective attention.

For leaders eager to seize this unique moment in history to jumpstart their organizations, the question is, Now what? In this issue of Rotman Management, we will explore some of the mindsets, approaches and operating principles that will be required to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Visit the Rotman Management Fall 2021 Issue here.

Proofreading Service: TEC’s team proofreads each of the quarterly issues of Rotman Management Magazine. We ensure that the Rotman Management house style is consistently applied; proof for grammar and typographical errors; ensure punctuation and use of numbers are consistently applied; fact check brand names, author names, and other details; check that heads and subheads are consistent; as well as checking running heads and footers, call outs, figure numbers and captions.