Rotman Management Magazine

Client: Rotman Management Magazine (Winter 2021), Editor-in-Chief, Karen Christensen

Project: Rotman Management Magazine

Specialty: Few people would argue that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in business history. The seismic shifts we have seen among consumers, business models, and markets themselves have made simple clarity a precious resource. One of the few things we can say with some certitude is that the strategy you had in place last January is very likely no longer relevant. In this issue, Rotman Management Magazine presents some of the key features of “World 2.0.”

This is the 10th issue of the magazine that TEC’s team has proofread. As with all other issues, we proofread the Winter 2021 issue to ensure that the Rotman style was consistently applied; proofed for grammar and typographical errors; ensured that punctuation and use of numbers were consistently applied; fact checked brand names, author names, and other details; checked that heads and subheads were consistent, as well as checking running heads and footers, call outs, figure numbers, and captions.