The Unfulfilled Promise of Press Freedom in Canada

Client: University of Toronto Press (2017)

Project: The Unfulfilled Promise of Press Freedom in Canada, edited by Lisa Taylor and Cara-Marie O’Hagan

Specialty: The manuscript required a restructuring to create a comprehensive anthology. There were over 15 authors writing 15 chapters that were compiled from a series of papers presented at a Ryerson Journalism Research Centre panel in 2012 on the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its effects on press freedom in Canada.

Working with editors of the volume, we organized the papers into specific categories relating to elements of the Charter and restructured each chapter for content, flow, and clarity. Themes were interconnected across the chapters that explore how press freedom has been constrained, the role of governmental interference, threats of libel suits against writers and newspapers/media outlets, restrictions placed against journalists — each of which assesses how press freedom has fared under the Charter.

The final manuscript was sent to the publisher for copy editing. When the 300-page book was in final pages/PDF, we created a back-of-the-book index to reflect the intricacies of the material included in the volume.