Uniform Fantasies: Soldiers, Sex, and Queer Emancipation in Imperial Germany

Client: University of Toronto Press (2023)

Project: Uniform Fantasies: Soldiers, Sex, and Queer Emancipation in Imperial Germany by Jeffrey Schneider

Starting in the nineteenth century in Germany, colourful military uniforms became a locus for various queer male fantasies, fostering an underground sexual economy of male prostitution as well as a political project to exploit the army’s prestige for queer emancipation. In the first decade of the twentieth century, however, a series of scandals derailed this emancipatory project. Simultaneously, public debates began to invoke homosexuality, sadism, transvestism, and other sexological concepts to criticize military policies and practices.

In pursuing the threads with which queer authors and activists stitched their fantasies about uniforms, Jeffrey Schneider offers fresh perspectives on key debates over military secrecy, disciplinary abuses in the army, and German militarism. Drawing on a vast trove of materials ranging from sexological case studies, trial transcripts, and parliamentary debates to queer activist tracts, autobiographies, and literary texts, Uniform Fantasies uncovers a particularly modern set of concerns about such topics as outing closeted homosexuals, the presence of gay men in the military, and whether men in uniform are more masculine or more insecure about their sexual identity.

Service: TEC copy edited the manuscript for U of Toronto Press style in usage, punctuation, and spelling; corrected grammar errors; managed the German-to-English translations; and edited the notes and bibliography as well as the image captions. Following the author’s review of the edited text, TEC finalized all changes in the manuscript in preparation for production and also checked the final PDFs and edited and proofed the index.

“Also thanks to Beth McAuley of The Editing Company for her expert editing.” — Jeffrey Schneider, Acknowledgments