Wheeling Through Toronto: A History of the Bicycle and Its Riders

Client: Aevo UTP (2024)

Project: Wheeling through Toronto: A History of the Bicycle and Its Riders by Albert Koehl

Throughout its history in Toronto, the bicycle’s place on the roads and in public esteem has fluctuated wildly: flaunted as fashionable, disparaged and derided, rescued from looming obscurity, and promoted as a way to respond to the challenges of the day. What is it about the simple bicycle that it can be so loved by some yet despised and detested by others?

Wheeling through Toronto offers a 130-year ride from the 1890s to the present to help answer this question. Albert Koehl, a Toronto lawyer and leading cycling advocate, chronicles the tumultuous history of this mode of transportation from the bicycle craze at the turn of the century, to the rise of the car and the motorway in the 1950s, to the intensifying cry for active transportation in the 1990s and into pandemic times.

In an era of catastrophic climate events, Wheeling through Toronto highlights how the bicycle should be celebrated not only as hope for the future, but also for its affordability, for its contribution to clean and healthy mobility, and because it brings happiness and joy to so many. Drawing on archival materials, newspapers, and personal interviews, and full of fascinating vignettes, this book presents the story of how we got here and what Torontonians need to know as we pedal forward.

Service: TEC copy edited the manuscript for Aevo UTP style in usage, punctuation, and spelling; corrected grammar errors; ensured consistent treatment of all images and image captions; and edited the notes and bibliography. Following the authors’ review of the edited text, we finalized all changes in the manuscript in preparation for production.